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The broadcast has ended. You can listen to the recording here: http://tobtr.com/8771479

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Note, I have edited out the technical dificulties and significantly improved the quality of the file. Enjoy!

Dr Michael Salla is the author of the Amazon.com best seller, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances (September 2015), and four other popular books on classified programs involving extraterrestrial life and technology. He has held full time academic positions at the Australian National University, and American University (Washington DC), and has also taught at Queensland University and George Washington University. He has been interviewed for the Ancient Aliens television show, and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM Radio. His website is exopolitics.org.

Dr Salla discusses key documents and whistleblower testimony revealing the hidden development of antigravity spacecraft successfully developed in pre-WWII Germany and Italy, and then reverse engineered by the USA and its main allies. Particular focus will be on the development of a Nazi/German Secret Space Program in Antarctica during the 1940’s, and the evolution of the U.S. Navy's Solar Warden Space Program from the 1950’s to 1980’s. Both of these highly classified programs have led to subsequent bases and colonies being established on the Moon, Mars, and other celestial bodies, as well as interstellar space flight that continues to the present day.