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Includes Free Benefits AND

  • 2 hour show per day
  • 50 live concurrent callers
  • 1,000 promotional impressions
  • Record Skype Calls
  • Upload, edit & replace episodes
  • Prime time scheduling
  • Unlimited podcast storage
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  • 3 hour show per day
  • 100 live concurrent callers
  • 3,000 promotional impressions
  • Toll-free host number
  • No audio/video ads
  • Unlimited podcast storage
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Includes Medium Benefits AND

  • 3 hour show per day
  • 250 live concurrent callers
  • 6,000 Promotional Impressions
  • No banner ads (Or feature your own)
  • Live streaming on any website
  • Unlimited podcast storage

Free Benefits Include

  • Host your own live talk radio show using any phone and a web browser
  • 5 simultaneous guests/listeners on your show
  • Live chat with listeners
  • Promotional tools: share on social networks, embed on blog/iTunes
  • All shows archived as podcasts
  • Unlimited podcast storage

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Some of the companies using BlogTalkRadio