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The broadcast has ended. You can listen to the recording here: http://tobtr.com/9499471

Episode Notes

Ignite celebrates the beauty and sacredness of American life in a way to which any reader will relate. 

From top-selling author L E Kinzie comes her first collection of poems. Regardless of the subject matter, Kinzie's poetry reflects an unmatched ability to create works of palpable emotion. Kirkus Reviews agrees, saying Ignite is “a compilation of verse that’s popular in the best sense of the word”, and referring to it as “…this sumptuous collection. ” 

Throughout the collection, readers will find remarkably relatable themes of daily life.

Simply put, this book is for anyone who has ever felt and held any emotion so intensely it threatens to explode inward if not released through music, words, paint or some other creation. It’s for anyone who has marveled at how inner turmoil can be expressed as something unspeakably beautiful. It’s for anyone who has ever created anything and loved it. It’s for anyone who has ever created anyone and loved him or her.

Ignite examines the sparks that alight threads of commonality between mankind.